“Natal International Airport  address:
Aeroporto São Gonçalo do Amarante
Av. Dr. Ruy Pereira dos Santos, 3100 
CEP 59290-000
Phone: +55 84 3343-6060

Natal has a major international airport that has been recently built. Most large Brazilian cities have direct flights to Natal. The main hub in Brazil is Sao Paulo, where all international airlines fly to. From Europe, there is  direct flights from Lisbon (Portugal) to Natal. Other european cities flies to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and then from there offer a connection to other locations in Brazil.

Flights From Argentina

On Saturdays the Brazilian Airlines GOL a direct flight from Buenos Aires to Natal. During the other days of the week, GOL goes to São Paulo where there is many connections to Natal International Airport.

Flights From Portugal

The Portuguese TAP airlines operates 5 times a week direct flights from Lisbon to Natal. Also TAP flies to other Brazilian destination such as Recife and Fortaleza, both cities that are less than 2 hours away from Natal.  As TAP serves many other European cities, flying to Natal from those cities with TAP and a stopover in Lisbon will work out as cheaper ticket when comparing with other Airlines.

Other Countries

São Paulo International Airport is the busiest airport in Brazil. As an important hub in South America, all major international airlines flies to there. Passengers heading to Natal can choose one of the four Brazilian airlines that have daily scheduled flights to Natal: GOL,  Avianca, Azul and TAM. Some of these companies offers four daily flights to Natal. In terms of ticket prices, each of these airlines companies has its own police of discounts and promotions. GOL seems to have cheaper prices because they are always running some kind of promotional campaign. Passengers waiting for their flight connection can enjoy a variety of shops and restaurants that are available in the airport.

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