Via Costeira

Via Costeira, or Rodovia Senador Dinarte Mariz, which is its official name, is a large coastal avenue, 10 kilometres long, nestled between Parque das Dunas and the Atlantic Ocean. Known mainly for its luxurious hotels and beautiful coastal scenery, on Via Costeira there is practically nothing – no restaurants, shops or dwellings. It is a region that has become exclusively a hotel hub.

Via Costeira may well be the perfect place to stay in Natal, if the visitor can identify with the high standard and prices of hotels in the region. Undoubtedly, it is on this road bathed by the sea that the best hotels in Natal are located.

Thus, there are hotels that are next to the Natal Convention Center, which is also located there, the famous Via Costeira. Really suitable for those who travel with children and want to enjoy a hotel vacation with several leisure options.

Still there, it is worth mentioning the excellent Serhs Natal Grand Hotel, definitely one of the best hotels in Natal in the 5-star segment. At the same level with Wish, they are, most likely, the most consistent hotel proposals on Via Costeira – for many, the best region to stay in Natal.

If the prices are too high, the budget traveller can still enjoy the Via Costeira since on the beach of Mãe Luíza, the Hotel Barreira Roxa is less luxurious but equally recommendable and a little cheaper than the others available on the Via Costeira.