Ponta Negra Beach

The Most Famous Beach in Natal

During high season, the 4-km long beach offers plenty of fun for all ages: Jet Ski rides and inflatable water toys such as the well-known banana boat. Street vendors circulate throughout the day selling not only popsicles and soft drinks, but also delicacies typical of the native region. On the boardwalk, kiosks also provide coconut water and other snacks.

At the southern end of the border is the Morro do Careca, one of the best-known postcards in the city. With the prohibition of climbing the hill in the face of the ecological damage caused, tourists enjoy, besides the incredible sight itself, the natural pools that form between the rocks of its slope during low tide.

Towards the north, Av. Erivan Franca concentrates the largest number of bars, restaurants and mall galleries, being the busiest point of Ponta Negra Beach. However, one of the region’s problems is parking, which is only allowed on one side of the road, with some parking limitations – when driving is inevitable, look for the private parking which can be found along the street.

For those who enjoy a busy nightlife, the edges of the waterfront bring bars, nightclubs and nightclubs to all tastes that remain open early in the morning. The neighbourhood is still mostly residential, but hostels, hotels and hostels of all kinds are beginning to take over the region – check out some options to stay at Ponta Negra Beach