Buggy Ride

The buggy rides through the dunes of Genipabu are the most famous among tourists who are in search of adventure, sea bathing and paradisiacal landscapes.

Genipabu, which is also called Jenipabu, is not far from Natal, and is one of the best known attractions of Rio Grande do Norte, being the first tourist spot to gain international fame in the state. The dune buggy ride is one of the five most visited destinations by visitors arriving in Natal.

For those who like adventure and direct contact with nature, go to the lagoon of Genipabu Buggy is the right choice. Of fresh water and refreshing, the place is a mandatory stop for a bath to soothe the heat and have fun in aerobunda, which is a kind of zip line that crosses the pond and the adventurer chooses at what time falls in the water, or esquibunda, where the tourist goes down the dunes on a board at high speed and ends with a bath in the pond.

Without a doubt, the Buggy tour is an attraction not to be missed by visitors. Prices vary a lot, so it is good to contact an accredited agent by the government for guidance.

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