When to go ? High or low season ?

Below there are some factual basic information. I recommend you to read the tips page that contains a more broad vision in moving around Natal.

Calling Natal from abroad

The telephone code for Natal is 84, so if you are calling someone in Natal form abroad, you should dial +55 84 plus eight digits.  

Tourism Centre

Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo 980 Petrópolis, Natal Tel: (84) 2211 – 6218

Natal International Airport

The airport is actually located in another city. There is a shuttle service every half hour that links the airport to Natal down town. The service is free for those with a valid airline ticket with the date of the day. Av. Ruy Pereira dos Santos, 3100 São Gonçalo do Amarante Tel: (84) 3343 – 6060

Bus station

Buses to other cities and states departs from here. Av. Cap. Mor Gouveia, 1237 Tel: (84) 3232 – 7310


All taxis are fitted with taximeters. There is flat initial fee for all journey, then you are changed per kilometre. Cooptáxi – Tel: 0800-84-2255 Coopertaxi – Tel: (84) 3643 – 1183