Artesanato (Handcraft)

One of the best handicrafts produced in the Northeast of Brazil  is made in State of  Rio Grande do Norte. In Natal, quality pieces made by potiguares artisans can be found in six major sales centers of handicraft.


Among the most traditional products of handicrafts are Potiguar embroidery and jewelry. But who stands out on the shelves are the t-shirts with pictures of the Rio Grande do Norte beaches. Other items easily found in craft centers are networks, tapestries, beach clothes made of crochet and ornament objects in leather or wood, such as miniature boats, fish, indigenous tools and even saints. Also successful amid the craft regional delicacies, especially cashew nuts, fruit jams and even seafood cakes and tapioca. For all these reasons, knowing the craft markets in Natal is fun guaranteed. And synonymous with good shopping.  

Places you must go for handicraft in Natal


CENTRO DE ARTESANATO DE PONTA NEGRA Av Eng Roberto Freire, s / n – Ponta Negra 37 shops offering quite varied products and for all tastes.

CENTRO DE TURISMO E ARTESANATO Rua Figueiredo Adherbal, 980 – Petrópolis 46 stores operating in cells that, in the 1930s, have served as the public jail. Art gallery and restaurant serving regional cuisine.

CENTRO MUNICIPAL DE ARTESANATO Av. Pres. Café Filho, s / n – Praia do Meio It has 80 stores, a food court and very busy. Also sell popular items. It is one of the most traditional in Natal. Tel: 3202-3381

COOPERATVA DO ARTESANATO Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, s / n – Ponta Negra Permanent Fair Coart has 32 kiosks running outdoors and food court, with a beautiful view of Ponta Negra.

SHOPPING DO ARTESANATO POPULAR Av Eng Roberto Freire, 8000 – Ponta Negra It is the largest of all, with 212 stores on four floors, plus food court. It has crafts of all kinds and for all tastes.

VILARTE Av Eng Roberto Freire, 2107 – Ponta Negra 53 shops, food court and a balcony facing the sea. It has different items with art in clay, wood, fabric, glass, etc … artisans