Hotels in Natal


“To receive visitors, Natal has one of the largest tourist infrastructures in the Northeast; as Natal has always been one of the largest regional hubs in northeastern Brazil, the infrastructure was developed over decades, which means that businessmen in the sector are more than used to receiving visitors. There are hotels of different categories, most of which are close to the sea. The gastronomic park of Natal is among the best in Brazil, combining international restaurants and several regional restaurants.”

General Overview

Natal is one of the cities with the largest hotel capacity in Brazil. From family run “Pousadas” to 5 stars hotels, the city offers quality with affordability. Most hotels and pousadas have swimming pools and rooms with air conditioning. 90% of all hotels are mainly located around the beaches or in the posh areas of Natal. Ponta Negra area have many of them, a mix of Pousadas and Hotels evenly distributed across the coast of Ponta Negra beach. Breakfast is included in your nightly rate. Another good thing is that no matter where you stay in Natal, you will always find a very friendly staff ready to help you.

Budgeting Your Stay

Because Natal is holiday destination for many Brazilians with different incomes, there is a large spectrum of accommodation to cater for every budget. During the low season is very common that you can find 5 stars hotel for less than half price during the high season (Jul-Feb). Most Hotels and Pousadas are available for booking via major online reservation systems such as  Credit Cards are welcome and they are accepted virtually in every single accommodation. It is much easier and cheaper to book an accommodation in Natal before arriving there. There are several web sites that promises unbeatable prices, but most of them include some kind of hidden fee in the final price, so what seemed to be cheaper is in fact not the best price around. In terms of accommodation in Natal, the best site that includes virtually all hotels in Natal is The price you see is the price you pay when the booking is finalised. No extra bits. Usually the prices offered there are the best you can get. 

What expect from your Hotel


Natal is warm, very warm indeed ! Because of its location in the Equator line, even when is raining, the city is hot. This reflects the way residences and hotels are built not only in Natal but in other areas of northeast Brazil. Air conditioning is an essential thing to have as well as powerful showers with abundant cold water. Houses have large windows and ceramics are laid on the walls and floors to help in reducing the heat. Pousadas and Hotels follow these trends.


Cleanness is another thing to note. Brazilians are quite demanding people for clean and fresh environment. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to have 2 or 3 showers a day. If the simplicity of a pousada can not offer other facilities found in large hotels, surely the guests will find well cleaned bed linen and fresh towels along with a good standard of cleanness everywhere.


Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is mandatory in any decent hospitality business. In Natal, the traveller will find hotspots not only in Hotels and Pousadas but also in Shopping Centers, bars, restaurants etc. Having said that, do not expect high speed connections. The average broadband in Natal is around 4 Mb, what is enough for browsing, emails, uploading holidays pictures etc.


Brazilian breakfast is served in all Hotels and in most of Pousadas. The breakfast is made basically of coffee, tea, milk, a variety of local breads, butter, cakes, some seasonal fruits and juices.  That is the minimum that you, as guest, will be served. Other things are available but it varies from hotel to hotel. See also: Shopping in Natal