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Buggy rides: Safety and evaluation – Regulating the fun is welcome

As a matter of safety and good value for money, the services of buggy rides in Natal and region were evaluated by an organisation named Instituto Fecomércio Rio Grande do Norte. The findings were presented to the president of Sindbuggy RN, Hertz Medeiros, and to the coordinator of the Business Chamber for Tourism at FECOMERCIO (Rio Grande do Norte), Jorge Costa.

Marcelo Queiroz, the president of Fecomércio (RN), stated the aim in reinforcing the Federation’s work in supporting activities that make tourism in the state. “The gathered data will guide the work developed by the category, with a view to improve the service provided to serve not only tourists, but also the Potiguares who take the buggy rides along our coast”, said Mr Queiroz, a well known person in the tourism industry.


The numbers were presented by the Director of Innovation and Competitiveness, Luciano Kleiber, and bring a good perspective to buggy drivers and passengers. When evaluated about the service provided by buggy drivers: 

(75.1%)  praised the service
(99.3%) punctuality 
(67%) empathy 
(98.5%) technical and theoretical knowledge

In addition, 78.1% of tourists indicated the tour as excellent, 20.9% indicated it as good. Those who would most indicate are tourists from the South (88.9%) and North (88.9%) regions. Still, 97% of users revealed that they would take the buggy ride again.

Evaluation – At the end, the grade that the user would give for the tour performed, from 0 to 10, 65.5% answered the grade “Ten”; 23.2% answered the grade “Nine”; 8.9% “Eight” and only 2.5% grades “Seven or lower”.

“This survey came at a good time for the category and presents satisfactory numbers. We are going to gather the buggy, show the data and expand our quality to the rest of the coast, and also plead through the numbers, improvements and qualification for the professionals”, declared Hertz Medeiros, president of Sindibuggy. The entity represents more than 720 accredited buggy drivers.

Relevance – The coordinator of the Business Chamber of Tourism, Jorge Costa, commented that, with the figures presented by FECOMERCIO, it is possible to show public authorities and reaffirm the level of relevance that the activity has for the tourist chain.

“These are satisfactory results that prove the quality of the service. They are professionals who do their job well and help the image of tourism in RN”, commented Costa.

Survey – The profile of the consumer of buggy rides is men, with 56.2%; aged 25 to 34 years (34.2%). The average individual income of tour users was 5.2 salaries.

In the sample, a little more than 46.1% of the tour users were from the Southeast region; 30.3% from the Northeast region; 11.1% from the South region. Most were people from São Paulo (26.8%), Pernambuco (13.5%); Minas Gerais (11.1%); Rio de Janeiro (7.9%).

Itineraries – Regarding the route contracted for the tour, the largest share (37.2%) of users opted for the complete tour to Muriú. In addition, the choice of mobile dunes with fixed ones stands out (31.3%); only fixed dunes (18.7%) and fixed dunes with sunset (12.1%).


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