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Pandemic: After a sad time, it is time to celebrate with precaution

After pandemic peak, the Christmas festivities in Natal return to the calendar of year-end celebrations in the capital after an eventless 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. It was not a easy year, with reduced investments due to the health crisis, the next edition, which starts on November 19th and runs until January 6th, 2022, when Santos Reis Day is celebrated, will only have the participation of local artists. The allocated resources for the party are estimated at up to
$ 3 million reais – in previous editions, investments were around $ 8 million reais.

The event is divided into five territories: Árvore de Mirassol – opening of the party; Black tip; Redinha; Historic Center and Jesiel Figueiredo space, in the North Zone. During the launch this Thursday (28), Mayor Álvaro Dias (PSDB) spoke about the importance of Christmas in Natal for the city’s economy.

“As a tourist hub, Natal has always invested in the creative economy, with the promotion of events, because, through them, we encourage people from other cities and states to visit our capital. This makes the frequency of bars, restaurants, hotels and inns increase, generating jobs and income for the city. So, we are resuming the incentive to this type of economy with Christmas in Natal”, said the mayor during the launch event.

Dácio Galvão, secretary of Culture in Natal and president of the Capitania das Artes Cultural Foundation (Funcarte) also highlighted, as the head of the municipal Executive, that the event serves as a hub for business movement in the most varied segments in the City. “The City Hall issued a public notice with democratic processes and that made possible a grid with more than 200 actions in the most diverse areas”, he pointed out.

“Our cultural planning is diverse, with the participation of areas such as theater, cinema, music and dance. Therefore, it is a process of absorption of artists from the city and the state, which made possible, I repeat, a grid with more than 200 actions in these different areas. All segments are happy, since, in this post-pandemic process, these actions mean a movement of the creative economy, and of fostering citizenship”, highlighted Dácio next.

The covid-19 pandemic scenario led the City of Natal to create biosafety protocols, in addition to actions to encourage vaccination against the disease. A fixed trailler will be set up in the Mirassol Tree, with a team made available by the Municipal Health Department (SMS/Natal) to immunize those who are participating in the events.

“The artists will sensitize the population attending these events to the importance of vaccination. This is a partnership that we signed with Funcarte to seek to sensitize those who have not yet taken D2, considering that there is a significant portion of Natal residents who have not yet received this second dose”, explained the head of the Health Surveillance of Natal, José Antônio de Moura, who coordinates the actions.

In addition, rules such as mandatory use of masks, use of alcohol gel, constant cleaning of spaces and installation of washbasins – in the latter case, in the Mirassol Tree – are also required. “That pole, which is the main one for Christmas in Natal, will have a washbasin blocks for hand hygiene near the chemical toilets, food parks and the area where the street vendors will be”, pointed out Moura.

Also according to the head of Sanitary Surveillance, a survey will be carried out by the Municipal Department of Urban Services of Natal (Semsur), with information on licensed street vendors, who may work during the festivities. The objective is to train them in good practices for handling commercialized products, with training on the main care and ways of preventing covid-19.

Bidders must present proof of the complete vaccination schedule. In the case of food sales, the recommendation is that the products undergo little manipulation in event venues.

The Sanitary Surveillance informed that there will be no audience limitation, since the events take place in open environments. “Since the spaces are open, there is no way to restrict the audience. However, the orientation is to respect distancing issues, as this is possible in these places”, describes José José Antônio de Moura.

City Hall must carry out the carnival
This year’s edition of Christmas in Natal is considered a new beginning by the authorities, due to the suspension of the event in 2020. With the impacts caused by the pandemic, one of the options found was to opt for the exclusive participation of local artists.

“We were always asked so that they could have a chance for Christmas in Natal to happen only with local artists. It is evident that this will improve the circulation of the productive chain of Culture and Tourism in the city. It’s a challenge, because the artists from other states who arrived here had a capillarity of mobilization of a larger audience”, says Dácio Galvão, from Funcarte.

“But it is evident that this challenge brings local workers to a new protagonism and a new economic reintegration. And this rescues, above all, this interruption that occurred, where the cultural segment was the first to be reached and is being the last to leave the cocoon”, he adds.

The Christmas program in Natal counts with the participation of artists such as Dodora Cardoso, Luizinho Nobre, Rodolfo Amaral, Fernando Luiz, Priscila Matos, Yhran Barreto, Filipe Toca, among others. The events include the shows Presente de Natal and Cortejo Natalino, which are directed by Diana Fontes, in addition to fairs, music and photography contests, visual arts exhibition, in addition to several other attractions.

“It is noticeable how much people are eager for the return of the shows, and there is nothing better than Christmas in Natal to resume our presentations”, celebrated the scenic director, Diana Fontes. For Mayor Álvaro Dias, the expectation is that the people of Natal enjoy the program and celebrate together the return of the festivities in the capital. “It will be an event of great proportion, which I hope will have the reception and acceptance of the population, because it really marks the resumption of the great events in Natal.”

Christmas in Natal announces the arrival of great shows and events in the state capital and will not be the only one of this size to fill the city’s calendar after more than a year. According to the secretary of Culture of Natal and president of Funcarte, Dácio Galvão, Carnival 2022 is confirmed.

“Carnatal will take place in 2022 and we are mobilizing all segments in a meeting that should take place next Wednesday (November 3) to discuss the details. Together with the mayor, we are about to dispatch the possibility of launching next year’s public notice”, said the secretary.

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