Best Time to Arrive

Best time to arrive

Summer or spring ? Is winter time a good option ? How about prices during low season ?

Summer is the best time to enjoy the beaches and the Natal buzz and its surroundings. The average temperature in Natal is around 27 °C. In the summer season it normally reaches above 30 °C with the water at a soothing 26 °C. In December and January happen the major parties in town, like Carnatal and traditional religious festivals such as Folia Santos Reis. The region has hot and sunny most of the year, with the rainy season between March and July. Low season, although not so warm like summer, is also a good option. During that season prices are very appealing and places are not so crowded. For those from abroad, in terms of thermic feeling, it is hard to spot the difference between summer and winter. During low season, most hotels drops prices substantially. If you are in a low budget, this is the right opportunity to have a nice holiday that fits your pocket. For example, some hotels offers packages for a week or two with all inclusive, it means you stay in a 4 or 5 stars hotel with meals for a week or two with all meals included. Hotels in Via Costeira, a road by seaside, are the best one in terms of luxury and sea views and those hotels are the ones that more commonly offer discounts during low season.