Night Life

Night Life

The meeting point to enjoy the night Potiguar is Ponta Negra. It is there that follow young people, families and couples looking for fun. In addition to the restaurants, bars moved houses with live music, some with daily schedule. The variety of styles – rock, forró, jazz, MPB, axé and Latin music – appeals to all tastes.

Before choosing where to go and dance, take a stroll in the upper part of the neighborhood, on the outskirts of Taverna Pub, one of the points of call bohemian area. There are also the Decky, with live music and bar with big screen; Pepper’s Hall, with a different sound every night; and Rastapé that auction to the rhythm of accordion and bass drum.

On Via Costeira, the big events at hotels there promote every night, with music and dance shows, and special buffets (northeast, seafood, tropical, Arabic …). For those who do not give up a good shindig, the Tourism Center promotes the “Forró with Tourist”, a regional music show on Thursday nights.

Ponta Negra is also known as a point for single women looking for companion for the night.

The nocturnal movement is also guaranteed in Praia dos Artistas, with the back-and-forth of tourists in bars and restaurants; and in the old quarter of Ribeira, frequented by young people on Friday and Saturday nights.

The night in Natal has also street prostitutes who offer their service around Ponta Negra area and other beaches. Prostitution is not a crime in Brazil and there is a tolerance among the population of Natal. “Garotas de Programa” is the way the Brazilian call the women who sell sex but do not expose themselves on the streets. They can be found in web sites where they advertise their pictures, prices etc. There are also women who do not call themselves prostitutes but meet men in discos and night clubs for a night of drinks, good food and fun. These women do not charge you any money but would accept any gift as romantic gesture of you.

Forró com Turista Centro de Turismo – R. Aderbal Figueiredo, 980 – Petrópolis Tel:  (84) 3211-6218 Taverna Pub R. Dr. Manoel Augusto Bezerra de Araújo, 500 – Alto de Ponta Negra Tel: (84) 3236-3696


Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 9.100 – Ponta Negra

Tel: (84) 3219-2471

 Pepper’s Hall

Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 1.009 – Ponta Negra

Tel: (84) 3236-2886


R. Aristides Porpino Filho, 2.198 – Ponta Negra

Tel: (84)3219-0181