The street race Natal to Pipa that happens today brings together 200 athletes divided into 38 teams. Five states are represented in the first edition. Leaving Redinha beach, at 5 am, it travels 70 kilometers to the beach of Pipa in the municipality of Tibau do Sul.

The route of the race starts at Redinha, passing by: Newton Navarro Bridge, Forte dos Reis Magos, Coastal Highway, Morro do Careca, Barreira do Inferno, Cajueiro, Pirangi, Búzios, cliffs of Tabatinga, Arituba Lagoon, Camurupim, Barreta, Malembá , Lagoa de Guaraíras, ferry, Madeiro beach, ending at the ecological sanctuary in Pipa.

“The test goes through practically all the sights of the Litora Sul of Rio Grande do Norte. It’s a mix of floors. It has sand, asphalt, beaten floor, among others. It is a test of strategy and teams need to be programmed. Not always the fastest wins. Subscribers need to consult the rules well, “explains Walter Molina, organizer of the adventure.

Antuerpia Forte, 42, administrator, has been preparing for the competition for 3 months. “The pleasure that the race provides is already good, but running through the sights of our city will be the differential, I think the scenario will help a lot to complete the race, it’s indescribable to run with that look.”

The first team is expected to complete the test in seven hours. David Falcao, 32, an engineer who is training hard and comes in search of the podium. “This test is a challenge, running on the beach will be great, my team has been training hard and we did some training on the course, we had to enjoy that we are at home.”

All runners who complete the challenge will receive a medal and the top three in each category, seven in total, will be awarded a trophy.

The stretches that each member of the team travels vary from 6.4Km to 13.7km, which facilitates the participation of people of different physical fitness. The competition follows a trend of the racing market and there are already in Brazil and in other countries specialized teams that compete and take advantage to know the most varied landscapes.